Our Services
All of our services are done both residential and commercial.​​

Home Automation
Imagine the convenience of controlling your whole house from the palm of your hand. With home automation you can use any device, such as a smart phone or tablet, to control and monitor your home. Even if you're miles away or sitting right at home, you  will have the ability to monitor security cameras, turn your  thermostat up or down, control the music playing through your speakers              and so much more!
Whole House Music
Looking to add a little music to your life? Well look no further! We can install a music system to play throughout your whole house or just in specific rooms. And the speakers used don't even have to take up any space. Our installers will place them in such a way, you won't even notice them there. The speakers can also be painted to blend right into the room they're in.

Surveillance and Cameras
Do you want a safer home? Do you want to have the ability to keep and eye on your home even when you're away? Then let us install the solution of a home security system. We can give you visibility with surveillance cameras and video doorbells; and give you warning with alarm systems and smart smoke/ CO detectors.

Climate Control
Start saving on your energy bill today by having Audio Video Concepts install a smart thermostat into your home. These thermostats learn from how and when you use them to get you the best experience. You can also access the thermostat from your phone the adjust the temperature even when you're away.

Lighting Control
Add more control over your environment with lighting control. With automatic drapes, dimmers and keypads, you can control the light in a room to suit any occasion that may arise. Whether you're watching a movie, reading a book, or having a party. You can adjust your lights to fit accordingly.

Home Theater
Do you ever wish you could get that movie theater experience right from the comfort of your own home? Here at Audio Video Concepts we will talk with you to find out exactly what you want and what system and equipment will best suit the needs of you and your family. We will help you decide on whether a screen or T.V, the type of speakers, the  best places for the speakers, lighting, and anything else you'll need to get the home theater you deserve!
TV Mounting
Even if you need something as simple as a new T.V, were here to help. You may want to add a T.V to your home, or maybe you're just upgrading. Whatever it may be, we will install your T.V wherever you desire leaving a clean look with no visible wires. 

Surround Sound
Are you looking to add to your experience when you're watching T.V? Why not have Audio Video concepts install a surround sound system. The speakers will be logically placed, so you will get the full experience of the sound flowing from your speakers.
Conference Room

A lot of important events occur in offices and conference rooms such as client meetings, hiring events, board meetings, etc. This also means there's a lot of important people coming in such as bosses and potential clients. Because of this, we, at Audio Video Concepts, understand the importance of presentation. The following attributes can give you the great qualities an office and/or conference room should have: 

Commercial Automation - control everything in your conference room as far as audio, video, surveillance, climate, and more. 

Lighting - control your lighting in a fast convenient way to insure appropriate light during any type of meeting.

Video Displays - have a quality T.V or projector and screen for a visual display during presentations and meetings.

 Soft Codex - have a system to host and/or attend conferences via the internet.
Outdoor Living Spaces
Audio Video Concepts can get you the backyard vibe you're looking for. Whether you want hidden speakers around the yard to play music during get-togethers, an out door TV for entertainment, or an outdoor living area to watch movies and spend time with the family, we have you covered. 

Structured Wiring
Are you building a new home or creating a new office building? Well here at Audio Video Concepts we'll work with the construction team and handle our own pre-wiring for any systems such as audio/video, automation, surveillance or any other systems you would like in your new home or building.
Not only does everything rely on internet now-a-days, but you also have to have a strong enough connection to support all your devices. Audio Video Concepts can help broaden and strengthen your signal. We can also monitor your network for any problems that may occur and be able to fix the issue.