Lutron solutions provides you, the customer, with convenient access to light control. You get the ability to control your lights, fans, and shades all at the push of a button. Whether it's at your home or work, you will be be able to create a suitable atmosphere for any occasion, in any room. ​

Lutron isn't just lighting control, it's also energy saving. By having Lutron installed in your home you can save money on your energy bills. Dimmers, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors all prevent your home from lights being left on and save on the amount of energy flowing to the lights. Automated shades also help lower cooling and heating costs of your home or work place. It's shown that shades can save 10-30% on energy costs.



Take a look at the brochure below to find out more on have Lutron can save energy!


Another benefit of Lutron solutions is the added security. You can turn the lights on right from your car, so there is no more need to walk in the dark outside or inside your home. You can also schedule specific lights to turn on during certain times, so even while you're away your home will give off a live-in look. Another security feature is the ability to program your lighting to your alarm systen, so if the alarm is triggered all lights will automatically come on.

Here are a few more brochures for you to get inspired by Lutron Solutions: